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Exercising? No time, i'm a mommy .. a weak excuse what i mostly used till now to get my way out of anything that's got to do with sport. The only muscle in my whole body that has been trained anyhow was in my right arm, by carrying Parisa around.
It's not only the pregnancy pounds i still need to loose *after uhhm..1,5 years* , my condition is equivalent to that of an 80-year-old. With all do respect for the elderly off course.

That's why last week i started with Start to Run, a podcast that helps you improve your condition in several weeks by using a special training program.
Fast and slow music alternate each other while the voice of the Flemish tv-host Evy Gruyaert tells you whether to run or walk. When you reached the point you think you really can't go any further Evy's voice appears in your ear, telling you you only have to keep up for just 30 seconds, perfect.

This time it's not only an excuse to buy myself some nice sportswear.
To set myself a goal i decided to join the Rotterdam Marathon this year.
No, not the full one that's more then 40km. I want to get out of it alive so i'll reach for the 10km walk, if you ask me that's quite enough for a beginner.

Anything you want to know about the Rotterdam Marathon you can read here


  1. Dit is ook ons doel. Dam tot dam loop willen we halen ;)


  2. Jeetje, meedoen aan de marathon! Hopelijk gaat het je lukken :)
    Wat een schattig kindje heb je :)


  3. Great post and a great blog =)

    Giveaway on my blog! Win a lipgloss or a nail polish! =)



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