Net-a-Porter Sale Favourites

Net-a-Porter is one of the webshops i love to spends hours at, alltough beforehand i'm pretty sure i won't buy anything in the very near future. Just a tiny bit out of my price range ;) But a girl can dream right? So when i got an email about the starting sale i couldn't help checking it out and selected a few of my favouruite items. Hope you like them!


Merry Christmas ♥♥

For all my lovely readers Hope all of you sweathearts will have a fabulous time in your own fabulous way! Weather it's with huge familydinners, a magnificent Xmas party or just an intimate, chummy gettogether with your lover ;) Enjoy!

With love,

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Instagram || Picture Diary

After finally watching the VS Fashion show on tv tonight (seriously, is it possible to get any closer to perfection then these angels?!) i found some time left to do a new instadiary.
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So what is it you're looking at up here?

1. My new slippers which i found during my latest Primark visit.
2. No aliens involved, just getting my hair highlighted at the hairdresser ;)
3. Cinnamon ice cream, definitely my favourite at the moment!
4. Parisa and me having one blast of a time watching the Lion King.
5. Although my hubby isn't celebrating christmas as he's a muslim we comprimised and got ourselves a little christmas three, i think it's wonderfull to let a child grow up with something of both cultures.
6. Blonde, blonder, blondst..got u huge love for these John Frieda shampoos.
7. This time of the year i love to lit all the candles and get cozy on the couch.
8. My colleague sending me a picture from Curacao when she was there on a holiday..wish i could be there as well right now!
9. Striped Sweaterlove <3

Hope you enjoyed!

With love,

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