Pink Iron

While browsing the worldwideweb i found this amazing Pink women-only gym..too bad it's in LA :(
It would definitely be a great motivation to work out a bit more!
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I really wanna loose some weight before summer and actually i think i allready did a tiny bit. However i can't check it as i don't even own a scale yet..
Anyway i stopped drinking coke every single day and that seems to make a huge difference allready! Also my days are starting like this at the moment, feels so good! :

Are you doing anything to stay fit, healthy and balanced or just to get ready for summer?

With love,

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  1. Ahah!! Cute gym! A bit too much pink for me tho ;)

    I injured myself last year at kickboxing... Pinch nerve and bad shoulder/back since then ;( so Emma is no gym bunny anymore! But keep doing a few things.

    Dnt worry about the scale... What u need is ur fav jeans from last year (or older) and try to fit in it! The weight is deftly not important, its how u feel/look in ur clothes. Jeez longest comment ever! Lol keep up the good work doll xx

  2. haha this is so cute! congrats on giving up coke. too much sodium and sugar >:(

    Metallic Paws

  3. This gym is adorable haha, so pretty! I'm sat here and i can see the treadmill across the room- you've made me want to go on it now haha (which isn't often)!

    Ruth x



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