Net-a-Porter Sale Favourites

Net-a-Porter is one of the webshops i love to spends hours at, alltough beforehand i'm pretty sure i won't buy anything in the very near future. Just a tiny bit out of my price range ;) But a girl can dream right? So when i got an email about the starting sale i couldn't help checking it out and selected a few of my favouruite items. Hope you like them!


Merry Christmas ♥♥

For all my lovely readers Hope all of you sweathearts will have a fabulous time in your own fabulous way! Weather it's with huge familydinners, a magnificent Xmas party or just an intimate, chummy gettogether with your lover ;) Enjoy!

With love,

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Instagram || Picture Diary

After finally watching the VS Fashion show on tv tonight (seriously, is it possible to get any closer to perfection then these angels?!) i found some time left to do a new instadiary.
If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my username is DeniseMIS =)
So what is it you're looking at up here?

1. My new slippers which i found during my latest Primark visit.
2. No aliens involved, just getting my hair highlighted at the hairdresser ;)
3. Cinnamon ice cream, definitely my favourite at the moment!
4. Parisa and me having one blast of a time watching the Lion King.
5. Although my hubby isn't celebrating christmas as he's a muslim we comprimised and got ourselves a little christmas three, i think it's wonderfull to let a child grow up with something of both cultures.
6. Blonde, blonder, blondst..got u huge love for these John Frieda shampoos.
7. This time of the year i love to lit all the candles and get cozy on the couch.
8. My colleague sending me a picture from Curacao when she was there on a holiday..wish i could be there as well right now!
9. Striped Sweaterlove <3

Hope you enjoyed!

With love,

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Instagram || Picture Diary

Actually this was supposed to be a recap of october pictures but as we're at the end of november again allready..sorry for beeing so late!
So what was going on in october?

1. Unboxing my first Glossybox! From now on i'll receive this box monthly with all kind of beauty products to try out. If you're interested in reviews on the products let me know =)
2. Rollercoaster ride with Parisa..she loved it and wasn't scared at all!
3. Packing for a familytrip to Hamburg for the wedding of my hubby's cousin, it was so much fun!
4. On my way to the cinema with one of my girls..we watched a dutch movie and alltough i do not always like the dutch movies, this time i wasn't dissapointed at all.
5. Conquests after my biannual visit to Primark, couldn't choose between all the cute knits they had!
6. Parsa in the rain, insisting to carry the umbrella =)
7. Self-made choclate chip cookies..yummy!
8. My black sneaker wedges, still one of my favourites as they're going with almost any outfit.
9. Babysitting my sweet cousin Jazz <3

Now i'm off for another family trip, hope you all will have a lovely weekend as well!

With Love,


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Inspiration || Sweaters & Knits

Seems like it's getting colder every day now, so i tought let's make a selection with cozy & comfy sweaters and knits off which i wouldn't mind having them hanging in my closet.
Making collages like this always makes me kind of anxious haha, so i wouldn't be surprised if i would be placing an order at one of this webshops very soon.
I'm also very curious which one is your favourite, please let me know!

Love, Denise


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Every year i'm looking forward to the annual VS show and last wednesday it was finally there again..sexyness all over on the catwalk for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012. Spectacular performances, highly trained & gorgeous models and not to forget magnificent lingerie. Unfortunately we'll have to wait till december to see the whole show, but for now this huge overload of pictures will satisfy our VS-needs quite well i suppose ;)
Just click on the Read more-link, watch & enjoy!


Pop your colour

My new H&M pants, what do you think? By now i guess you all are familiar with my predilection for black&white so of course i was in love when i saw these beauties. Guess i'll wear them often this season!
The blouse is in fact not that shiny and silky but more transparant, so it's easy to switch from a properly working outfit (hello tanktop!) to edgy on the dancefloor.
Oh and please do not get worried, i still have both of my arms. Second picture might kinda give the impression somebody cut it off, but luckily it was just a bad pose on my behalf ;)

With love,


Picture Diary || Instasummer

Autumn is allready in full swing but i'm definitely looking back at an awesome summer. Captured a lot of great moments trough instagram of which you can see a few above. So what is it you're looking at exactly?

1. My boyfriend - such a sweetheart- surprised me with a gft card from one of my favourite drugstores called Douglas. Any ideas of what to choose from there?
2. Run into the Victoria's Secret store at Schiphol Airport, unfortunately there was no time to get inside and score some nice goodies =(
3. Parisa walking her aunties dog, she's a real animal-lover <3
4. Cute fish i spotted at a sushi restaurant called Sumo, isn't it sweet?
5. Enjoying the minipool at my moms place with Parisa
6. Selfmade cupcakes..yummy!
7. Making a fingerlicking good pasta with spaghetti, salomon and lemon..if you're curious for the recipe let me know!
8. Date night with my girls..as i was in charge of the dessert i made my chocolate mint mousse. You can find the recipe in one of my first posts, just click here
9. A big kiss from my little princess <3
10. Mirror, mirror on the wall...;)
11. Taking a walk on the beack is just so relaxing sometimes!
12. Delicious seafood pasta at work
13, 14 & 15. Visiting the zoo and had a little fling with Mr. crocodile

With love,


Inspiration || Stylight

Good morning ladies! Recently i discovered a new fashion community called STYLIGHT and as i'm kinda addicted allready i needed to share this one with you.
The idea is simple: make a profile and heart all the items you love. Because there's a list of most popular items it's a perfect way to discover new fashion-musthaves, and how we all love that right?
There are more then 400.000 items to choose from so i have to warn you: do not enter if you're on a fashion-diet! Cause once you found you're perfect item you're just a few clicks away from the webshop who's selling it.
Soon there will also be possibilities to add your own photos & videos to share your styles and outfits through Facebook, Twitter or your blog so i'm excited and curious for that as well =)

As a shopping addict off course i allready ordered some pieces which i found trough Stylight, they're from a German fashion outlet called Aikme:

Ichi Sweater
Maelk bag

They allready came in and how i love both of these pieces! I had a huge doubt about ordering the sweater as there was only a size L available but i'm glad i did  ♥ it's so cozy and perfect for upcoming seasons.

So is any of you using Stylight allready? Let me know so we can follow eachother..I love to browse trough other peoples profiles and discover their amazing finds =) Click HERE to see mine!

With Love,


Inspiration || Life in Black & White

This A/W we'll see lots of black &white, so i tought it was time to do a little collage about these to get inspired. Personally i love blacks&whites, whether it's in fashion or interior. Easy to combine with any colour you can think but also gorgeous and classy by themselves.
If you're curious about any of these items and where to get them just let me know!
Be inspired ;)

With Love,


Marmaris 2012

As promised..a huge update with a selection of my favourite holiday snaps!


With love,


Time Out ||

Well hello, that's quite some time ago .. sorry for not updating for a while!
During our holiday i found out how relaxed it was to do nothing, absolutely nothing. I decided i needed to intercalate time for this when we got home as well.
However slowly i got into my old routines again so goodbye to me-time, hello to work, work, socializing, appointments, work again and because i can't sit still i also decided to re-decorate our living room.
So why not blog again too every once in a while? Probably it won't be that often as before but i'd still love to share a little piece of me now and then.
Next post i'll probably show some holiday snaps, we had a lovely time with the three of us =)

Many thanks for all of your sweet wishes!


Holiday Vibes

Sun is back again, yeay! Love the feeling of the sun on my skin, the fresh smelling grass and -almost- everybody walking around with smiles on their faces..amazing what a little sunshine can do!

Maybe my good mood also depends a lot on the fact we finally booked our holiday to Turkey =) I really can't wait..2 weeks in a little paradise to do nothing but enjoy beeing with my man, our sweet little girl, sun, sea, beach and lots of good foods and drinks. We're leaving the 9th of june so only 2,5 weeks left!

Also i bought myself some cute colourfull sandals to get in the holiday mood a bit allready..

 So where will you go for summer holiday this year?

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