You know you love her

Probably i was one of the last girls on earth to start watching Gossip Girl -only a couple of months ago- but of course i was addicted immediatly. Meanwhile i'm finished allready but i love watching back episodes or pictures of this amazing serie, not only because the styling is amazing.
During the period i was watching GG i developed a slight obsession for the style of Serena, played by the gorgeous Blake Lively.
In my eyes her style is quite close to perfection. I'ts classy, feminine and casual with a twist.
So why not dedicate a major post about her outfits? Get ready for an overload of pictures..and inspiration ;)


Keep Calm and Stop Shopping

Good evening loves! I hear you thinking..What The F... is this?! Guess most of you probably won't even consider doing such a thing and i totally understand why you wouldn't..
However i think it's challenging and a good way to prevent a financial crisis..it might become a huge failure but then at least i have tried right? I'm sure my closet content is enough to dress myself for at least 2,5 years so that won't be the problem.


Wanna bake?

In my search for finding some nice new ways to decorate my cupcakes i found the most amazing things and i just had to share some of those with you girls!
So if you're in the mood for baking, here's some gorgeous, funny and astonishing inspiration =)


Rihanna for River Island

We had to be patient for a while, but last saturday Rihanna finally showed her first collection for River Island at London Fashion Week!
Curious? To see the complete show and a behind the scenes video simply click on read more and enjoy!


Hope all of you sweethearts will have a wonderfull day filled with Love, Joy and Laughter! ♥♥♥

With love,

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Mini Shoplog Primark

Oops i did it again! Actually i only went to Primark to search for studded leopard loafers but i ended up with all of this and never found my dreamloafers..crap ;) ! However i'm very satisfied with what i did find.


Insta-recap January

1. Healthy lunch! Delicious salad with goat cheese..yummy
2. Did some shoeshopping! Love the bright blue colour of the left pair and the black ones i was craving for quite some time allready!


3 x Starbucks

 Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen this Starbucks tee allready, one of my latest additions. To get inspired i made three totally different outfits with it and it seems you can't go wrong with this one. Easy going with anything and usable for any look you love. Do you prefer edgy&feminine, casual or a look perfect for upcoming festivals next summer? Curious which one is your favourite!


Celeb News || The end of a fairytale..

She seemed to have it all..the gorgeous football wife and style icon Sylvie van der Vaart. An outstanding career, an appearance to die for, a closet full of clothes most girls can only dream of, a sweet son and a loving husband. Now it turns out fairytailes can't be true after all.


Happy New Year ♥!

Wishing all of you a very Happy Fashionable New Year!! Hope 2013 will bring you lots of luck, love, good times and everything else you wish for. Thanks for your support in 2012 and let's kick some ass this year!

With love,

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