Recipe || Simple Celery Salad

Today a simple recipe to make a quick celery salad. It only takes a little time to make it and tastes so delicious!!You can use it as a side salad but also for a nice lunch with a minimum amount of carbs.

Step 1: Make sure you got all the ingrediƫnts: Walnuts, Apples, Yoghurt, Pineapple pieces in syrup, a cup of ready-to-use celery salad and of course celery. As much as i would like to give you the exact amounts i can't, i just do this by feeling. Anyway i'm using the whole cup of salad and pineapples, but add as much as you like of anything.

Step 2: Peel the salary a little and cut it into pieces. Same with the apple(s), alltough i don't peel them to keep a little bit of colour in the salad. Break the walnuts into little pieces as well.

Step 3: Mix all ingredients in a big bowl and poor some yoghurt with it. To get a slightly sweeter taste you can also add some of the pineapple syrup.

Step 4: Finished, good job ;) Enjoy!

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Just some random shots

Last week Parisa was sick and now when she's finally feeling better (thank god!), it's my turn. Last couple of days i've spend in bed when it was possible, so not really been up to anything.
I wanted to do another update so i just fooled around a bit with Instagram and some pictures that were one my Iphone allready.

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So what is it your looking at?

1. My first Afghan engagement-party =) i really loved to dress up in a whole different style for once and felt a bit like princess Yasmine ;)
2. Fresh oranges, ready to be squeezed.
3. Mortaza and Parisa taking a walk when it was still a bit snowy outside.
4. Parisa allready shopping by herself at H&M, isn't it cute?
5. One of my best friends (and also my cousin) and me at getting some fresh air at the beach.
6. Just a beautifull sunrise on a regular monday-morning. Beeing stuck in traffic can have it's advantages too.
7. Simple salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, iceberg salad and greek feta cheese.
8. My new little bonsai tree <3
9. Parisa last summer at my work, practicing her swing allready ;)


Petite Give-Away

Yeay, reached over a 1000 pageviews now =) Time for some little celebrating..and what's a better way to do this then by giving a little thank you-gift to the people who are following?
Nothing big, just the winner got to choose one of the next items. Hopefully i don't have to mention all of them are new and un-used (except for the vintage neckless off course)

Mint green cropped blouse - size 36(S) / Pink halter - size XL (small fit, also wearable for size 38/M) / Paisley gilet - size 36(S)

How to join?

- Follow on bloglovin' and GFC
- Like this post on bloglovin' 
- Leave me a comment with your name and email adress so i can contact you

No Facebook or Twitter, that's all! 

1st of March i'll pick a winner and publish this @ my blog


5 x White Blouse =

The white blouse, a basic item i can't do without. Take a simple white blouse and the sky is the limit, actually you can wear it with anything you want. Shorts, leggings, a nice pair of jeans, black or bright colours..it's all possible! I've created 5 totally different looks with it, what's your favourite?


I'm in love..

.. with the new H&M Spring/Summer Collection for kids. The dresses are too cute, the colours are lovely and they make me long for summer even more. A few days ago i received the catalog and i just couldn't wait so yesterday i placed my order. Here's a little start for Parisa's wardrobe this summer  =)


What's hair got to do with it?

Since i was young i had a little obsession with hair. I loved to curl, colour or experiment in any other way with it. And not always in a good way, my hair even became blue once..
Alltough i don't have that much time anymore, i still love to watch nice and cute hairdo's and get some inspiration out of it..

                                                                                                              all pictures from weheartit.com


Budget Beauty Buys

Yesterday i went to the drugstore to buy a present for my cousin as it's her birthday this tuesday. I tought i'd make a nice goodiebag for her including some make-up, facemasks, bodybutter etc.
As there was a huge sale i ended up spending over half an hour in that store, snooping around for nice products i wanted to try or just couldn't resist buying.


Some Winter Inspiration

As i allready posted before it's finally winter in Holland, temperatures are around -4°C right now..
So as much as i would like to do a nice inspiration post with cute shorts, sandals and summer dresses i think we can use some winter-inspiration much more..
Lots of these items are way above my budget but just looking at them wouldn't hurt my wallet i guess ;)

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