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Autumn is allready in full swing but i'm definitely looking back at an awesome summer. Captured a lot of great moments trough instagram of which you can see a few above. So what is it you're looking at exactly?

1. My boyfriend - such a sweetheart- surprised me with a gft card from one of my favourite drugstores called Douglas. Any ideas of what to choose from there?
2. Run into the Victoria's Secret store at Schiphol Airport, unfortunately there was no time to get inside and score some nice goodies =(
3. Parisa walking her aunties dog, she's a real animal-lover <3
4. Cute fish i spotted at a sushi restaurant called Sumo, isn't it sweet?
5. Enjoying the minipool at my moms place with Parisa
6. Selfmade cupcakes..yummy!
7. Making a fingerlicking good pasta with spaghetti, salomon and lemon..if you're curious for the recipe let me know!
8. Date night with my girls..as i was in charge of the dessert i made my chocolate mint mousse. You can find the recipe in one of my first posts, just click here
9. A big kiss from my little princess <3
10. Mirror, mirror on the wall...;)
11. Taking a walk on the beack is just so relaxing sometimes!
12. Delicious seafood pasta at work
13, 14 & 15. Visiting the zoo and had a little fling with Mr. crocodile

With love,


  1. Wat een geweldige foto's! :) Super leuk hoor.

  2. so great pictures and a supersweet blog, I love it! ♥ do you like to follow eachother ? that will be great :)♥
    xx lola

  3. awh, you have such a cute blog here! i love these photos!

    lindsey louise


  4. Oh Look at those pics, they are so so beautiful! Love your insta post!!
    Ll be updating soon :)
    Have a lovely weekend xoxoxoxox

  5. omg love all the pics!


  6. Wat een mooie en leuke momenten! Erg leuke foto's.
    hihi, die giraffeis ook leuk!

  7. so cute and beautiful pics!

  8. leuke foto's en je dochtertje is zoo schattig!!



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