Time Out ||

Well hello, that's quite some time ago .. sorry for not updating for a while!
During our holiday i found out how relaxed it was to do nothing, absolutely nothing. I decided i needed to intercalate time for this when we got home as well.
However slowly i got into my old routines again so goodbye to me-time, hello to work, work, socializing, appointments, work again and because i can't sit still i also decided to re-decorate our living room.
So why not blog again too every once in a while? Probably it won't be that often as before but i'd still love to share a little piece of me now and then.
Next post i'll probably show some holiday snaps, we had a lovely time with the three of us =)

Many thanks for all of your sweet wishes!


  1. Cute picture.
    I probably can use some me-time too.

    XO Arezu

  2. Lang geleden inderdaad! Thanks voor je lieve comment op mn blog!


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