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Another picture diary! Last two weeks went by amazingly fast again..did a lot of catching up with friends and family and enjoyed the beautifull weather we had last week. 
Also i'm kinda sad, cause i will probably not join the 10km run which i mentioned before. The foundation i was supposed to run for was too late with their subscriptions and the registration is closed now..but let's stay positive, my condition definitely improved a lot!
So let's talk about what you're looking at now:

1. A new addition in my nail polish collection, Put Lavender On Agenda from Catrice. Love this lilac colour <3
2. Since two weeks we have two little lovebirds on our balcony..they've build their nest in an empty box, too cute!
3. Parisa in the backseat of the car, enjoying the sun while reading Bert & Ernie. Can't stop smiling when i see this picture, she's becoming a real girly girl allready.
4. Bagels with goatcheese, tomatoes and rucola..yummy!
5. My new purchase from VJStyle.com, the smiley face bag in Leopard print! Totally love this bag..it's definitely my new favourite =)
6. Sephora buys..never tried their mascara so i'm very curious!
7. Ready for summer with my H&M pastel sunnies ;)
8. Took Parisa to the petting zoo, where we currently spent a lot of time, as she's crazy about animals.
9. Going out with some friends..who says mummy's can't dance the night away every once in a while ;)

Happy Easter to all of you!  


  1. Leuk om te zien, mooie foto's! Fijne paasdagen. x

  2. Mooie fotodiary! Ik ben benieuwd hoe de sephora mascara bevalt, ik wil deze misschien ook gaan gebruiken. Ik zoek al een tijdje naar een goede budget mascara!

    xoxo Jonne

  3. ...Jaloers op je Sephora goodies :)
    Fijne pasen!

  4. The bagels are looking so yummie!

    XO Arezu

  5. I love your make up in picture 9, so pretty :)

  6. Jeej Instagram! Leuke foto's! En die bagels zien er echt delicious uit, jumm!

    Loves http://rimocean.blogspot.com/

  7. Erg leuke foto's, die nagellak is supermooi! ♥

  8. super cute! i totally want to make a photo diary too! thanks for your lovely comment too! <3

  9. ooh the leopard print bag is sooo cute! love it :D


  10. Beautiful pictures! I love so much your new bag!
    Thank u for your comment on my blog, I hope to see u soon!!
    Kisses from the newest follower!:)


  11. lovely pictures! The one of your child is so adorable and I love your bag :D
    Love Lois xxx


  12. p.s you inspired me to do one of my own photo diaries too! :)

  13. So lovely! Such a pretty bag!

    - http://fashionnfairytale.blogspot.com/

  14. you have great pictures and a great blog! Come by and let's follow each other! What do you think??? Stay in touch ;) xx


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