Recipe || Simple Celery Salad

Today a simple recipe to make a quick celery salad. It only takes a little time to make it and tastes so delicious!!You can use it as a side salad but also for a nice lunch with a minimum amount of carbs.

Step 1: Make sure you got all the ingrediënts: Walnuts, Apples, Yoghurt, Pineapple pieces in syrup, a cup of ready-to-use celery salad and of course celery. As much as i would like to give you the exact amounts i can't, i just do this by feeling. Anyway i'm using the whole cup of salad and pineapples, but add as much as you like of anything.

Step 2: Peel the salary a little and cut it into pieces. Same with the apple(s), alltough i don't peel them to keep a little bit of colour in the salad. Break the walnuts into little pieces as well.

Step 3: Mix all ingredients in a big bowl and poor some yoghurt with it. To get a slightly sweeter taste you can also add some of the pineapple syrup.

Step 4: Finished, good job ;) Enjoy!

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  1. Woww....I love salads!! And this one seems to be really good!! I copied your recipe now, and tomorrow I'll do it for sure ;)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Thank you so much for your nice comment and for follow. I'm following you back now :)


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  2. Mmh that looks so delicious!!! :)

    xx Daisy

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  3. ooooh, my sister is going to love this! i'm gonna tell her that we should try it. :)

    <3, Mimi


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